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Protecting our customers’ health and property since 1964

GSC Pest Management was founded in 1964 by Arnold Gilmore of Rochester, NH.  Back then it truly was a sole proprietorship because the person that took your requests for service was the same person that came to your home.  Over the next 25 years GSC grew steadily and established a reputation for serving their customers with skill and integrity.

Arnold retired in 1990 and his son in law Tom Aspinwall became the new owner and manager.  He is continuing the tradition started by Arnold of bringing service to a higher level for a commercial and residential base of more than 5000 customers.

Customer Reviews

N Snow
N Snow
This small business is a gem of an outfit. I use them for my house and rental. I was in a bind where I needed their help last minute and they were kind, responsive and helped me get the service I needed. Exceptionally professional.
Will Willoughby
Will Willoughby
They were wonderful! I had an infestation in my bedroom, and they took care of it quickly and effectively. They were extremely professional and friendly. Highly recommend!
Liz Rodgers
Liz Rodgers
GSC was recommended to me by my neighbor, who uses GSC for her personal AND business needs! I called and the person who answered (sorry I don't remember your name) was a nice lady who listened to my concerns and made sure I felt like a priority. Tyler was a little bit early for his appointment, which I appreciated. He was an excellent blend of knowledgeable, kind, professional, and caring. I thought he was just there for a free estimate, but he was actually able to take care of my wasp problem right away. He said how much it would be and the bill in the mail was for exactly that. He made sure to let me know that the spray he was going to use did not affect household pets, which is VERY important to me, but I TOTALLY forgot to ask. The wasp problem was totally gone after just the one quick and inexpensive visit. I also had concerns about rodents because I had seen a couple mice. He did a really thorough inspection of my basement and was honest about finding very little evidence of rodent activity. He could have said "you need this huge package deal!" But instead he explained my options and helped me make a plan of things I can try on my own before investing a lot with him. I have to say I really appreciate the professionalism of this company and will ONLY be calling them going forward. Thank you Tyler and GSC. Your grandfather should be proud of you. :)
Ann Kelly
Ann Kelly
The crew was there within 25 minutes of our call for a wasp problem. Awesome and professional! Best of all no more wasps! Thank you guys, you are the best!
Raymond Tweedie
Raymond Tweedie
Tom and his team of techs are awesome. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough.

Pest Control & Prevention Services

GSC Pest Management provides a variety of pest control and prevention services to residents and businesses throughout Seacoast NH and Southern Maine.

Yard Treatments

Yard treatments are very effective at controlling mosquitos and ticks that rest in grass and green
growth around a structure and rec areas. Contact us about getting on a monthly mosquito control
program or about spring and fall tick control.

 Barrier Treatments

A treatment around the perimeter of your home; 3 ft up the foundation and 3ft out will provide 2-3 months protection against invasive insects, such as ants, spiders, and yellow jackets, and more. Recommended in Spring and Fall for a full year of protection. 

Spot Treatment

When it comes to the control for minor pest activity, a full service
program or treatment of the entire structure may not be necessary or
warranted. Spot treatments are a one time localized application for the
control of a specific pest.

Termite Treatments

GSC provides both full liquid termiticide treatments and termite baiting systems. Our treatment programs provide a 15 year service agreement in case of termite reemergence with an annual termite inspection.

Rodent Control

GSC provides services for the control of commensal rodents, which are
rats and mice. Our programs are designed around the needs
of each specific property in order to meet our customers' needs.  Ask us about our rodent flex and seasonal programs.

Wasp and Hornet Control

Wasps and hornets build new nests every spring and use them for one season. The location of the nest
can be problematic when in close proximity to human activity. Depending on species, nests may be in a tree, under an eve, in the ground, or in a wall void. Rely on GSC for safe and effective treatment options.

GSC employs a systematic pest management strategy called Integrated Pest Management, which
practices prevention, avoidance, monitoring, and suppression. When chemical pesticides are necessary,
a preference is given to materials and methods which maximize public safety and reduce environmental
The GSC Pest Management Team of pest experts is committed to customer satisfaction. We have more
than fifty-seven years of experience in providing reliable courteous service.

Our customers perceive the difference from the moment we answer their call, with that call a customer
initiates a thoughtful process of determining the safest, most environmentally friendly, and creative
solution to their problems.


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