What areas do you service?
We service New Hampshire and Southern Maine, within an hour driving radius from Portsmouth, N.H.

Are you licensed?
Yes. Licensed in both New Hampshire and Maine by the states' Department of Agriculture Division of Pest Management, our technicians receive extensive and ongoing training to ensure you get the best solution for your situation. GSC technicians are certified in structural pest control, termite control, biting/flying/stinging insect control, and weed control (poison ivy).

What insects and pests do you control?
In this area, homes are at risk for more than 200 different types of infestations. And we have extensive experience with all of them. Commonly, the types of pests we treat include carpenter ants and many other species of ants, termites, cockroaches, fleas, carpenter bees, wasps, yellow jackets, mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs, mites, flies, spiders, silverfish, crickets, moths, pill bugs, centipedes, mice, rats, and more.

What does the process involve?
It starts with a thorough inspection of your property and structures to correctly identify the pests. Through our Integrated Pest Management approach, we then consider strategies and make recommendations to both eradicate an prevent further problems—using the chemical or natural solution that is most effective against the pest and least toxic to your family, gardens, and pets. Throughout it all, we're careful to fully explain your options so you can make the best decision based on your specific situation.

Will I need more than one treatment?
That depends on a lot of variables, including on the pest involved, your environment, your structures, and the level of infestation. We have service agreement programs available to find long-lasting solutions that are proactive, effective, and cost-efficient.

Are the products you use safe around children and pets?
At GSC Pest Management, Inc., your family's and pet's safety is our biggest priority. All chemicals used are EPA certified. And we take great care to solve your pest problem with the least amount of toxicity to your home, gardens, and environment. Ask about our natural, green pest control solutions, too.

Are your services guaranteed?
Whereas the effectiveness of pest control treatments are subject to a lot of variables, our customer service is always guaranteed. If you're not happy with the way you are treated, we offer a money-back guarantee.

How soon can I get an appointment?
Our technicians can be on the scene usually within 24 hours from your first call.

Do you offer contracts for commercial services?
Yes, commercial customers can get monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual service contracts.

Do you offer free proposals/estimates?
Commercial clients can get a free estimate and proposal, following a thorough inspection and identification of active pests.

Can we request a specific day or time for service appointments based on our business?
Absolutely! Many of our customers have very stringent scheduling needs. We're happy to accommodate them.

Are you insured?
Yes. We are insured as part of the state's licensing requirements.

How much does pest control services cost?
Generally speaking, our Residential Program Costs are as follows:

Exterior Barrier Treatments.
This includes an application of insecticides around the outside of a structure to control invasive insects such as ants, crickets, earwigs, and spiders. Treating the eaves can be done at the same time to reduce the frequency of wasp and hornet nests. The best times for treatment are spring and fall. If you choose to do both spring and fall treatments, you can get a one-year service agreement that covers most invasive insects. Cost: $175 per treatment.

Interior Barrier Treatment.
This includes an application of insecticides inside the structure to control an active pest problem. Rooms that have insect activity or are in proximity to the sites of activity are treated with the safest most appropriate material. Interior Barrier Treatments come with a three-month service agreement during which there is no charge for follow up treatments for the target pest. Cost: $200 per treatment.

Interior and Exterior Barrier Treatments.
These include an application of insecticides around the inside and outside of a structure to control an active pest problem or give the homeowner a greater degree of assurance that insect problems will be minimal. This treatment comes with a six-month service agreement during which there is no charge for follow-up service. Cost: $375 per treatment.

Mosquito Control Treatments.
The majority of daytime mosquito activity can be controlled by treating the lawn and green growth areas around a home. The treatments are odorless and safe for children or pets to play on in less than an hour. Treatments last up to four weeks. Cost: $125 per acre.

Tick Control Treatments.
Ticks become active early in the spring and continue into fall but do not re-colonize a treated area quickly as mosquitoes do. Trimming tall grass, brush, eliminating brush/wood piles and removing bird nests reduces tick habitat and makes treatments more effective. Spring and fall treatments are recommended. Cost: $125 per acre.

WDI Inspections.
Before you buy or sell a property, we recommend having it inspected by a state licensed pest control technician to determine the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects, such as termites and carpenter ants. Cost: $125 for average single family.

Onsite inspections and consultation are an important first step in identifying a pest problem. We are often called upon to give second opinions on inspections done by others. Most home inspectors are not licensed pest control technicians and are not as qualified as we are to accurately identify structural pest problems. Consultation fees are subtracted from subsequent treatment costs. Cost: $75 per half hour.

Spot Treatments.
Some pest problems can be dealt with quickly by treating the specific site of pest activity. Cost is determined on a time and material basis Average Cost: $75 per half hour.

Termite Control. The first step in termite control is a thorough inspection of the structure to determine the extent of infestation. The next step is to draw a scale map of the building and design a program to control the termites. GSC Pest Management, Inc. explains the program to the homeowner and makes recommendations about treatment options and costs. Costs are based on the number of lineal feet of treatment.

Rodent Control.
There are three critical steps in controlling rats and mice in and around a structure: identify the rodent's food source(s) and remove it or prevent them from accessing it; exclude the rodents from the structure by sealing up hole in foundations, doors and windows; and eliminate harborage sites and clutter that conceals their movements and provide nesting areas. After accomplishing as much as possible of the above steps, trapping and baiting program will be effective. Costs vary according to the size and condition of the structure as well as the level of infestation. Average cost $75 to $95 for the initial service call.

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